Name Bracelet / Personalized Bracelet

Please enter the your custom information in the message box below - 

  • You preference on color of letter beads (Please see image showcasing all colors or list of bead colors below) 
  • Name, initials or word you'd like on your bracelet(s)
  • Standard size for this bracelet is 7 inches. Please note when emailing the above information if you would like the bracelet smaller or larger with the size listed. Unless otherwise stated in the message the bracelet size will be 7 inches
  • Since this bracelet is a custom order All orders are FINAL SALE. If you have any issues with your order, please contact me at

Bead color options:

    1. Yellow
    2. Red
    3. Light Pink
    4. Bright Pink
    5. Dark Blue
    6. Teal/Light Blue
    7. Black
    8. White

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